(also published in “AMROOS & PARTNERS IP Update & News” August 2008 edition)

Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI – The Indonesian Institute of Sciences), the state non-departmental agency for undertaking scientific researches, recently exhibited around a hundred of inventions resulted from its own research activities through 2003-2007 in a four-day event of LIPI Expo 2008 held in Jakarta on August 4-6, and was formally opened by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Jusuf Kalla.

The Expo was held as to commemorate the 41st anniversary of the agency as well as the 63rd anniversary of the nation’s independence and centennial anniversary of the National Awakening movement launched back in 1908 as a part of the nation’s struggle to free them from foreign colonization.

The 100 inventions exhibited at the event are mostly patented or being applied for patent at the Indonesian Patent Office. The Head of LIPI claimed that in general Indonesia’s capacity for science and technology is not yet well-developed and still relatively inferior compared to other countries. Therefore, as he further claimed, the four-day expo held by LIPI can be seen as an effort to reinvigorate the nation’s efforts to build up its capacity in science and technology as well as to display outcomes of highlighted research activities that may be utilized for common daily and industry needs alike.

As a part of the commemoration, LIPI also awarded two Inventor’s Awards upon patented inventions invented by its in-house researchers. One being a process for producing seeds of Sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria) plant; while the other a device for phototherapy purpose.

According to the regular data released by the Indonesian Patent Office, patent applications filed by local applicants at the IPO was experiencing steady increase within the period of 2003-2006 while slightly declining in 2007, with the average of 245 applications per year, and albeit still only contributing 5-10% from the total number of patent applications filed during those years. The number, however, rise significantly within the ongoing year of 2008, with the amount of local applications filed at the IPO up to July this year has already exceeded 90% of the average full-year figures from the previous five-year period.

The good news on the number of local applications is nevertheless still unparalleled by the number of local applicants filing outside Indonesia, whether using Paris Convention or PCT mechanism. From 2003 up to July 2008, for instance, the Indonesian Patent Office recorded that only 22 PCT applications were filed by local applicants. Many cited funding as the main reason behind such a low rate on foreign applications made by local inventors, in particular since applying for patent protection is still seen by local innovative entrepreneurs as a costly burden for their commonly minimum financial capacity.

There are many works to be done indeed to provide the most efficient and effective way as to assists local inventors and entrepreneurs alike to benefit from patent protection worldwide as well as locally. It is indeed a difficult yet not impossible task for everyone in the field to fulfill, within which the need for synergy between all related sectors is beyond any question.



Perihal Prayudi Setiadharma
Prayudi adalah penulis dan kontributor utama situs/blog Sebagian artikel yang ditulis Prayudi dalam blog ini juga telah diterbitkan dalam bentuk buku berjudul "Mari Mengenal HKI" oleh penerbit Goodfaith Production pada bulan Mei 2010. Prayudi telah menaruh minat yang mendalam pada bidang hukum hak kekayaan intelektual (HKI) sejak mengerjakan tugas akhir di Fakultas Hukum Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung. Ia lalu memutuskan untuk menekuni minatnya tersebut dengan mengambil program Master of Intellectual Property Laws di University of Melbourne, Australia. Setelah menuntaskan program tersebut, Prayudi lalu bekerja di Law Firm AMROOS & PARTNERS, sebuah kantor hukum spesialis HKI yang berlokasi di Jakarta dan sejak Oktober 2010 berganti nama menjadi AMR PARTNERSHIP, hingga saat ini dimana ia berposisi sebagai Partner.

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